Peter Brock has been involved with photography, competition and racing cars since he went to his first road race at Pebble Beach in 1952. "Phil Hill was driving 2Jr. a wild MG TC special with a supercharged V8 60 flathead engine and I was hooked for life. It was the perfect mechanical amalgam of Hot Rodding, which was the focus of my life at that young age, and the whole new sport of road racing, which was just coming into its own here after WW II." Brock explains that he was still too young for a racing driver's license then, so he hung out with the guys who were building the fastest cars and took pictures; lots of them. "It was a great education." After high school Brock went on to the famed Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles so he could learn more about designing and building cars. He went on to design and build several important cars, including the prototype Corvette Sting Ray for GM VP Bill Mitchell and the World Championship winning Cobra Daytona Coupe for Carroll Shelby in 1965, but he never lost his love of photography. When Brock finally closed down BRE, his racing shop, in '73 he decided to start writing about the sport and illustrating his stories with photographs he had taken. "It just kind of took off then", he says, "getting a life of its own." It was a way to stay closely involved with cars and racing. "I love racers and the art of building fast cars. It doesn't matter what type, because I've found that racers, no matter what type of cars they run, are all driven by the same desire to just do something better than the next guy." Since the early '90s Brock has been covering the sport full time as a journalist and shooter. He married Gayle in '99 and the two of them have become fixtures at motorsports events around the world. " I didn't have to really teach her much," says Brock, "She's a natural with a camera because she understands that in racing there's no way to repeat a shot. You have to look way ahead and understand what's going to occur before it happens. We have a great time because we can go racing almost every weekend and hang out with the people we like best"


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