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I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Juan Manuel Fangio is a household name.

When I became interested in racing, in the mid-sixties, I was very much influenced by the European tradition and names like Dan Gurney, Jackie Stewart, Pedro Rodriguez, Graham Hill, John Surtees, and all the Formula One and Sport stars of those days.

Obviously, Ferrari, with half of the population of Argentina being of Italian origin, was a natural subject to start drawing. Racing scenes with Lotuses, BRMs, Matras and Ferraris started to come out of note pads to the delight of my schoolmates. My high school teacher, however, had a different take on the fact that I was drawing racing cars and motorcycles instead of paying attention to the subject matters.

In time, I learned to appreciate the history of racing; the 30s, the 50s, the romance of those years which lend themselves to beautiful art.

I started selling my illustrations and paintings after I graduated from High School and moved to the US in 1983 to specialize in my motor racing art. I started showing my artwork to different people in the automobile and motorcycle fields.

My clients include racing teams, corporations, magazines, and private commissions, all of which help me make a living producing motor racing art.

You’ll find my art from Dan Gurney’s All American Racers offices to Indianapolis 500 Yearbook covers; Laguna Seca Raceway, California Speedway and the Carrera Panamericana posters; the NHRA, national and domestic automobile and motorcycle magazines, motorcycle manufacturers such as Kawasaki USA, American Honda and Yamaha USA, Toyota Motorsports, TRD and many others.