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János Wimpffen has been an avid motor racing enthusiast for at least 39 of his 52 years. Born in Europe into a family well-known in Austro-Hungarian history, he was reared in Chicago and spent many youthful weekends at Elkhart Lake's Road America. After an early spell of club racing with a Triumph, János discovered he was no threat to Niki Lauda. However, being somewhat maniacal about sporting statistics, he heard a calling. The specter of over-education intervened and János completed a doctorate in geography. He has worked in the transport consulting field for two decades and is internationally published on the subject. Being a geographer brings with it the added benefit of enabling him to locate even the remotest circuits. The universally praised and multi-award winning Time and Two Seats is his first foray into motor racing literature. In addition he is a contributor to several magazines and is the North American editor of, the foremost web site covering current sports car racing. János lives in Seattle and although appreciative of the rumble of a Cobra and the wail of a Ferrari, he is content to putter about in a succcession of ancient Saabs.