Photographs are for personal use only and may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical or electronic, including but not limited to print, video and the Internet, without written permission from Randy Leffingwell.

Photographer and writer Randy Leffingwell currently has 24 books in print, primarily on Americana subjects, covering interests and areas as diverse as the American barn and Harley-Davidson motorcycles, California’s wine country and John Deere farm tractors. Following graduation from Kansas University in 1970 he worked for two years for the Kansas City TIMES before joining the Chicago SUN-TIMES. He remained there for nine years, then worked a year as associate editor at AutoWeek magazine in Detroit through 1982. He freelanced in New York and California through 1983. In early 1984 he joined the staff of the Los Angeles TIMES as a writer/photographer, covering everything from fires and riots in southern California, to personality profiles, film festivals, food features and live theater throughout Europe.

Since 1989 when he began his first book project, he has logged more than 500,000 miles and worn out three vehicles completely and, he adds, pretty well fatigued two others. He estimates he’s shot more than 10,000 rolls of film for these books.

It is the published and unpublished images from these projects that are available to individuals, associations, agencies and others, for a one-time publication, an out-right purchase for advertising or promotional purposes or an enlarged print for an enthusiast’s wall.