Winner of the 1997 MPG Dean Bachelor Award

A Century of Drivers & Cars 


Tim Considine

The ultimate chronicle of American involvement in international Grand Prix racing, from 1906 to present day.

Illustrated with 200 black & white historic photographs and a gallery of 25 color photos, this exhaustively researched book tells the story of the 145 Americans who took part in Grand Prix racing, often, in the case of postwar Formula One racers, in the drivers’ own words.  Forward by Formula One World Champion Phil Hill. 

“…a thoroughly researched history, carefully organized, intelligently analyzed and best of all, a really good read. Altogether, a very important book.” – Road & Track

“…more than a must-read, it is a must-have reference for anyone who seeks a historical perspective on American racers.” – AutoWeek

“It’s a wonderful book, wonderful. I can’t put it down.” – Phil Hill

“Full of illuminating anecdotes and pithy quotes, this is indeed a must-have book for any racing enthusiast.” – european car

Signed by the author.

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